"It was the best of times it was the worst of times."



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The above opening lines from The Tale of Two Cities has been with me since eighth grade at Mission Hill in Santa Cruz, California. Frankly, I only remember those opening lines and that the book was about the French Revolution. Interesting that those lines have stuck with me. Through the years I have seen or experienced an event—for example, the landing on the moon and the Detroit riots in the next breath. Today, the quote is more relevant than ever. It seems like we’re bombarded daily with both the best and worst of our times.
Retirement from teaching at the University of Saint Catherine has given me time to observe our current culture. Indeed it has been a welcome relief from eighteen years of political correct/Minnesota Nice environment. As I got involved in the community I discovered “stuff” that I didn’t have the skill or resources with which to deal head-on.. However, fiction writing gave me the vehicle to tell the stories—adding and subtracting as necessary.
As I watched stories evolve it appeared to me that people don’t start out to be or do evil, but in the process they come to believe they know what’s best for the folks they’re supposed to serve. The more power they gain, the more evil manifests—hence civil evil..
My books are about ordinary people and how they deal with jerks.




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